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Victor Druziako


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1882 W Landis Ave



Our law firm has represented mainly individuals and has been doing business for over 30 years. We are proud of ourselves for each of our customers, meeting the needs of many people at the time of the most stress in our lives. We are willing to meet difficult schedules and often meet clients as needed at night and on weekends.

Established in 1987


Chapters 7 and 13 mainly represent customers of consumer bankruptcies. The first consultation about consumer bankruptcy is free. They also represent bankruptcy creditors, real estate customers, contractual disputes, collection, divorce, will and district courts.

Victor is a lawyer who has been given permission to perform in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Courts, the New Jersey District Courts, the Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania and the Third Appeals Court. The  Victor started his legal career at the Philadelphia law firm of Wolman and Tracy, representing banks and financial institutions for creditors' commercial detentions, collections, commercial bankruptcy, and consumer bankruptcy.   In 1987, he opened his own law firm in Philadelphia and continued consumer bankruptcy, real estate and contractual disputes.

Victor D.
business owner






After a long talk, we met Victor and he and his staff were wonderful people.
By communicating with us, we are very easy and we have no debt now. I strongly recommend Victor and his office

12/31/2020 06:26pm



Victor Dorzako is the worst lawyer I've ever dealt with. He has worked on the solution of the real estate problem for over four years. When I asked him to answer my phone or email, he always replied to "tomorrow", but he said he would not come tomorrow. He is willing to accept any case presented to him, but he may pay more than he needs. Once he gets a salary, he is really very slow at solving the problem. If you're looking for a lawyer to help you and answer your inquiry, look for another place. Victor Dorzako is not a lawyer like you.

12/25/2020 07:10pm